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The Wittmann Battenfeld Group

The current business philosophy to offer all products and services around the injection moulding machine was without this important piece which has now been resolved. We are now the first machine manufacturer for the plastics industry worldwide who can entirely meet the rising requests from customers for complete moulding solutions from one supplier. Besides peripheral equipment, for which WITTMANN is renowned, we will offer in the future through the separate sales channel of WITTMANNBattenfeld, the entire range of injection moulding technology as well as additional technologies like: Airmould gas injection technology, Aquamould water injection technology foil and textile back moulding, Microsystems, In-Mould Decoration, Variomould, Wood Injection moulding, multicomponent technology and powder injection moulding. The merging of the different products and peripheral equipment to optimize the overall system will be suggested and achieved by our own experts from WITTMANNBattenfeld. The slogan “Competency from one hand” has probably never before established its validity in the plastics industry to this extent.

The internal company structure of the WITTMANN group, which has increased to 1,580 employees, will remain almost unchanged as the expert knowledge developed through many decades of research and numerous practical applications in each individual product area, is a substantial part of our success. Each and every one of the products in our portfolio must exist and compete for itself alone in the market and be able to belong, in its respective area, to the technology leaders. Exciting times are waiting for us and we will remain loyal to our mission, to increase our market leadership through our innovative spirit. I hereby want very much to welcome on behalf of the entire WITTMANN team, our newly gained colleagues at Battenfeld.


Mr Michael Wittmann

Battenfeld Kunststoffmaschinen Ges.m.b.H. has its roots in the area of forging and metalworking dating back to 1876. In 1948, Battenfeld Injection Moulding was established and the following decades brought continuous internationalization.

Today, Battenfeld – with its 600 employees worldwide – manufactures approximately 1,000 injection moulding machines annually, with a full range of clamping forces. Battenfeld has 14 distribution and service companies and agencies in over 80 countries. The global structure of Battenfeld ensures a solid basis on which both the group and customer success is able to grow. Synergy effects through syndication. The acquisition of Battenfeld by WITTMANN creates a synergy that will ensure future success and contribute to further growth.

On April 1, 2008 WITTMANN took over the Battenfeld headquarters and production plant at Kottingbrunn (Lower Austria) and the worldwide sales and distribution subsidiary companies and the German service company located in Meinerzhagen. The market for auxiliary equipment on one hand and that for injection moulding machines on the other, will continue to grow independently. However, the syndication will of course lead to the completion of both product lines, providing the advantage plastics processors have been looking for in terms of a seamless combination of processing machines, automation and auxiliary equipment – all occurring at a progressive rate. A more integrated sales and service network with greater expertise in every field of injection moulding including automation.

On July 1, 2008 Wittmann (Aust) Pty Ltd and Battenfeld Australia Pty Ltd merged their activities ensuring “competency from one hand” continues to the plastics industry here in Australasia. The Managing Director of Battenfeld Australia Pty Ltd, Mr Steven Mohr, advises that Battenfeld Australia has officially been renamed to Wittmann Battenfeld Australia Pty Ltd to reflect the change in ownership and product representation. Wittmann Battenfeld Australia are proud to continue the after sales service that it has been renowned for, and notes this service now extends to the full WITTMANN range.

Of most importance to existing customers of either Wittmann or Battenfeld equipment, is that the Company’s focus will remain one of superior technical sales and after sales support to ensure its customers maximise their return on investment. In regard to Wittmann Battenfeld Australia’s full product range available to the Australasian market, the Company continues its promotion of Kautex Blow Moulding machines, with the full support of Battenfeld Kunststoffmaschinen Ges.m.b.H.

Wittmann Battenfeld Australia now commanding a broad range of equipment solutions is ready to serve you in regard to your demanding requirements. We aim to provide a comprehensive technical sales and after sales support package. Our service department is well established and renown for its technical ability.

With significant spare parts holdings for Wittmann, and Wittmann Battenfeld machinery, we are able to provide what may be considered as the best after sales service and support available to the Australian plastics processing industry. Our equipment range of numerous ancillaries types of equipment, material handling systems, injection moulding machinery, automation (especially that of In mould Labelling) is available for consideration to your circumstance.

We are more than capable of handling your technical and demanding injection moulding requirements, including the processing of thermoplastics, thermosets, liquid silicon and other rubbers, structural foam, co-injected and gas-injected mouldings. A choice of vertical and/or horizontal clamping and injection units provides Wittmann Battenfeld Australia with the ability to offer the most comprehensive range of equipment available today.

The Melbourne Technical Centre offers a unique advantage to Australian moulders, equipped with stock machines from 35 to 188 tons clamping force, all available for demonstration and die trials at virtually any time. So should you be considering the purchase of new injection moulding machinery, consider the success of Battenfeld, and our extensive range of products and services. We strive, at all times, to provide the best manufacturing solution at a competitive price.

Wittmann Battenfeld proprietary equipment is all Quality Assurance Accredited and Certified DIN ISO 9001

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